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Waimea Bay

Located at the mythical North Shore, Waimea Bay was an influential surf spot at some stage in the sunrise of large wave browsing during the fifties. Adventurous surfers started to undertake the effective winter waves of Waimea (as well as Makaha Seashore on the west side) giving delivery to the huge wave-driving phenomenon.

Huge wave season hits Hawaii from November – February attracting the fine men and women surfers within the international. Waimea Bay, along with other famous spots consisting of Ehukai Seashore (Banzai Pipeline), Sundown Seaside, and Haleiwa Seaside host world-renowned surf competitions. The vans triple crown of surfing, called the amazing bowl of browsing, takes place each year between November – December on Oahu.

Waimea Bay is also domestic to the Quiksilver in reminiscence of Eddie Aikau surf competition. Honoring mythical Hawaiian waterman Eddie Aikau, this special contest only takes place at some stage in huge swells whilst the “eddie could pass” game’s elite surfers are known to be between December – February to surf Waimea when the waves are at no less than 20-toes excessive (30-foot face heights). Within the final 24 years, the call for this epic opposition has most effective been made 8 times.

Past the surf, Waimea Bay is a lovely north shore beach with huge stretches of sand to sunbathe and picnic. All through the summer, the waves of Waimea virtually subside making the waters appropriate for swimming. A rock outcropping within the bay is a famous spot for locals to climb and leap off of, but this will be dangerous and isn’t counseled. Also, please heed all postings and lifeguard warnings. Leave the harmful big waves of Waimea to the pros.

Nearby, you can also discover Waimea Valley, a botanical garden and cultural attraction that is home to the lovely Waimea Falls. After the seashore, a trip to Haleiwa for a groovy shave ice will hit the spot. There may be a car parking zone at Waimea Bay. However, parking is restrained considering that this is one of the extra famous seashores on the north shore.

“Waimea Bay has lots of records. It’s regarded to be one of the first places where the guys venture out inside the 50’s and ride massive waves. Banzai Pipeline is a excellent spot for spectators and it’s probably one of the higher spots to observe surfing. It is a dangerous location, so it’s for specialists at best. Sunset Beach is my preferred spot, without a doubt. It’s where I discovered to trip huge waves.”

– Dan Moore, Championship Surfer and North Shore Resident

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